Does Marley’s Angels ship internationally?
Yes. we ship internationally to all countries with the exception of Cuba, Iran, Crimea, Syria, and North Korea – this is because of legal restrictions or shipping carrier limitations.


How long would it take for my order to arrive?
United States – 3-4 days afer fulfillment.
Canada – 6-10 days afer fulfillment.
Central and South America – 8-14 days afer fulfillment.
Europe – 2-7 days afer fulfillment.
Australia – 12-14 days afer fulfillment.
Asia – 6-12 days afer fulfillment.
Israel – 8-11 days afer fulfillment.
Africa – 8-14 days afer fulfillment.


Do you offer shipping with tracking?
Yes, all Marley’s Angels shipping methods have tracking. Note that the quality of tracking may differ for some local carriers.


If i’m not happy with my order, can i exchange it?
Yes, you can! Please check out our return policy


Who are you donating to?
We donate to small shelters and rescue groups who work with volunteers only. These volunteers work 24/7 rescuing and saving lives, and we intened to do what we can to help them and the dogs they rescue.


How do i know you are really donating the money?
We’re glad you asked that question! We found out that alot of stores claim they donate but don’t actualy do it. You can always contact us to verify our monthly donations. Also, everytime we’ll donate we will upload the reciept to our donations page. we believe in full transparency and take pride that we have the chance to donate to millions of dogs and other animals who are looking for a warm and loving home.


Why is the donation only 25% of the proceeds?
Marley’s Angels is not a charity. we are a private website. we work together with shelters and organizations and help them save the lives of dogs and other animals. like every business we have expenses like salaries, different services we pay for, and campaigns costs to reach more people with passion for animals (like yourself), etc.When we started this project we asked ourselves, what is the maximum amount we can donate and still cover our expenses? the number we came up with was 25% of all proceeds.