About Marley

HI! I’m Marley. I’m an 11 years young rescue dog. Some say i’m a Corgi mix, some say i’m a Collie mix, but i don’t really care as long as they say i’m 100% cuteness mix 🙂

I live in the country side in Israel with my human parents Gilad & Tal (did you know that Tal made all the designs on my site?), my two human brothers (Daniel & Zoe), my two little dog brothers (Toya & Nilo) and my 8 cat brothers and sisters (too many names for me to remember).

One thing you should know about me – since i’m a rescue dog and i know the hard life homeless dogs have to suffer, i just want them to have a better life. A life like i have now. So i decided to create a shop (with the help of my humans parents) so i could give back and help save lives of homeless animals.

How will i do that you might ask, good question! Well, with every purchase you make i will donate 25% of the proceeds to non-profit organizations and animal shelters. These donations will fund meals and medical care for shelter dogs as they wait for adoption.

You will get a new and stylish item for yourself or a friend and also save a life along the way. Amazing, right? I woof!

Here are some photos of me and my family: (you can contact my Human daddy Gilad on facebook. just click this link)